Thermoelectrical degradation processes in NTC thermistors for in-rush current protection of electronic circuits

O. Mrooz, A. Kovalski, J. Pogorzelska, O. Shpotyuk, M. Vakiv, B. Butkiewicz, J. Maciak.

Microelectronics Reliability, vol. 41, 2001, p. 773-777.


Degradation processes, caused by the extreme values of current pulses or thermal burn-in, are studied in thermistors with negative temperature coefficient of resistance. The drift of thermistor resistance at 25°C is observed. These changes depend on the value and the number of current pulses. The first 100 cycles are the basic ones for the future exploitation parameters of thermistors. Similar effect, rise of thermistor resistance, was observed after burn-in. The investigated thermistors are used for in-rush current protection of electronic circuits.


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