Radiation-optical eff€ects in glassy Ge-As(Sb)-S systems

O. Shpotyuk, R. Golovchak, T. Kavetsky, A. Kovalski, M. Vakiv.

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, vol. 166-167, 2000, p. 517-520.


The influence of γ-irradiation on the optical properties of chalcogenide bulk glasses from both As2S3-Ge2S3 and Sb2S3-Ge2S3 sections of the corresponding glass forming regions has been studied. The “γ-darkening” e€ffect has been observed after radiation treatment by 60Co γ-quanta with 4.4 x 106 Gy dose. The changes in the optical transmission coefficient have been analyzed according to network arrangement and degree of disorder in the di€fferent compositions of chalcogenide glasses.


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