Radiation-modified structure of Ge25Sb15S60 and Ge35Sb5S60 glasses

T. Kavetskyy, O. Shpotyuk, I. Kaban, and W. Hoyer.

The journal of chemmical physics, vol. 128, 2008, p. 44514.


Atomic structures of Ge25Sb15S60 and Ge35Sb5S60 glasses are investigated in the γ-irradiated and annealed after γ-irradiation states by means of high-energy synchrotron x-ray diffraction technique. The first sharp diffraction peak FSDP is detected at around 1.1 Å−1 in the structure factors of both alloys studied. The FSDP position is found to be stable for radiation/annealing treatment of the samples, while the FSDP intensity shows some changes between -irradiated and annealed states. The peaks in the pair distribution functions observed between 2 and 4 Å are related to the Ge–S, Ge–Sb, and Sb–Sb first neighbour correlations and Ge–Ge second neighbour correlations in the edge-shared GeS4/2 tetrahedra, and S–S and/or Ge–Ge second neighbour correlations in the corner-shared GeS4/2 tetrahedra. Three mechanisms of the radiation-/annealing-induced changes are discussed in the framework of coordination topological defect formation and bond-free solid angle concepts.


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