Radiation induced functionality of chalcogenide glasses probed by high resolution XPS

O. Shpotyuk, R. Golovchak, H. Jain & A. Kovalskiy.

Physics and Chemistry of Glasses: European Journal of Glass Science and Technology Part B, vol. 49, No. 6, 2008, p. 314-316.


Possibilities for probing of radiation induced coordination topological defects in chalcogenide glasses with high resolution x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) technique are analysed using the example of vitreous v-Ge23.5Sb11.8S64.7, which shows a simple switching of heteropolar Ge–S covalent bonds into homopolar S–S ones. The full variety of XPS-sensitive changes in the irradiated glasses are identified as normally coordinated anion and cation centred sites surrounded with coordination defects and coordination defects themselves incorporated into a normally coordinated glass forming network.


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