Physical ageing in under-constrained As-Se network glasses

J. Plewa, R. Golovchak, A. Kozdras, O. Shpotyuk, N. Brunets, H. Altenburg.

Ceramics, vol. 96, 2006, p. 425-434.


Ageing of AsxSex-1 chalcogenide glasses (ChG) are studied by using conventional DSC technique during one year period after their synthesis. It is shown that natural storage of the samples ChG with x < 30 increase in their glass transition temperatures (Tg). The ChG with x ≥ 30 did not exhibit any changes upon one year ageing. The obtained results are explained by a fact that AsxSex-1 ChG with x < 30 possess undercoordinated network, which is affected by two independent processes: Relaxation of Se atoms in Se-based chains with shrinkage of ChG glass matrix.


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