On the problem of relaxation for radiation-induced optical effects in some ternary chalcogenide glasses

O. Shpotyuk, M. Vakiv, B. Butkiewicz, A. Kovalskiy, and R. Golovchak.

Semiconductor physics, quantum electronics & optoelectronics, vol. 10, No. 3, 2007, p. 23-27.


We have investigated the influence of high-energy γ-irradiation on the optical transmission spectra of ternary Ge-As-S chalcogenide glasses of the stoichiometric As2S3-GeS2 and non-stoichiometric As2S3-Ge2S3 systems. A long-wave shift of the fundamental absorption edge is observed for all glasses. Two different components of radiation-induced changes were specified: static (residual) and dynamic (time dependent) ones. The dynamic component is mathematically described by the exponential and power functions in respect to post-irradiation periods. It is shown that quantitative features of the observed self-restoration phenomena in the irradiated glasses are closely related to their chemical compositions and stoichiometry.


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