On the problem of electron-induced anisotropy e€ffect in As2S3-based glasses

V. Balitska, O. Shpotyuk.

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, vol. 166-167, 2000, p. 521-524.


Eff€ect of electron-induced anisotropy was observed in glassy As2S3-based samples irradiated by accelerated electrons (E=ˆ2.8 MeV) in the perpendicular plane to the probe light. Spectral and compositional dependences of this e€ffect and its time stability at room temperature were discussed. It was supposed that the microstructural mechanism of the anisotropy eff€ect was connected with electron-induced formation of new oriented (relatively to the electron flow) defects in the form of broken chemical bonds.


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