Multifunctional thick-film structures based on spinel ceramics for environment sensors

M. Vakiv, I. Hadzaman, H. Klym, O. Shpotyuk and M. Brunner.

Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol. 289, 2011, p. 012011.


Temperature sensitive thick films based on spinel-type NiMn2O4-CuMn2O4-MnCo2O4 manganites with p- and p+-types of electrical conductivity and their multilayer p+-p structures were studied. These thick-film elements possess good electrophysical characteristics before and after long-term ageing test at 170 оС. It is shown that degradation processes connected with diffusion of metallic Ag into film grain boundaries occur in one-layer p-and p+– conductive films. Some part of the p+-p structures were of high stability, the relative electrical drift being no more than 1 %.


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