Mechanism of reversible photoinduced optical effects in amorphous As2S3

O. Shpotyuk, J. Kasperczyk, I. Kityk.

Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, vol. 215, 1997, p. 218-225.


A mechanism of the photoinduced structural transformations in the amorphous As2S3 was studied using a differential IR-spectroscopy Fourier technique in the spectral region between 400 cm-1 and 100 cm-1. A stage of the reversible photodarkening is realized in the amorphous As2S3 after the first cycle of the photoexposure and thermoannealing. The corresponding destruction-polymerization reaction is in contrast to the one obtained for irreversible changes. The whole scheme of the photo- and thermoinduced transformations in the amorphous As2S3 system may be explained as a coordination defect of formation and annihilation.


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