IR impurity absorption in Sb2S3–GeS2(Ge2S3) chalcogenide glasses

T. Kavetskyy, A. Kovalskiy, V.Pamukchieva, O.Shpotyuk.

Infrared Physics & Technology, vol. 41, 2000, p. 41–45


The IR optical transmission spectra in the 4000–1000 cm-1 (2.5–10 μm) region in the chalcogenide glasses (ChG) of the ternary Ge–Sb–S system of stoichiometric Sb2S3–GeS2 and non-stoichiometric Sb2S3–Ge2S3 compositions are studied. The compositional dependences of the measured IR spectra connected with influence of O-, H- and C-based absorbed impurites are analyzed.


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