Effect of Co60 γ-irradiation on the optical properties of As–Ge–S glasses

V. Balitska, R. Golovchak, A. Kovalskiy, E. Skordeva, O. Shpotyuk.

Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, vol. 326&327, 2003, p. 130–134.


The influence of Co60 γ-irradiation on the optical properties of chalcogenide semiconducting glasses from As2S3–Ge2S3 cut-section is analyzed taking into account the accompanying spontaneous thermal annealing of the samples in the irradiation chamber. It is established that essential thermal heating of the investigated glasses during high-doses irradiation leads to the rough changes in compositional dependences of radiation-induced total (unrelaxed) and static (relaxed) optical effects. An attempt to describe dose dependence of the observed optical changes is made on the basis of stretched–exponential relaxation function.


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