Dynamic behaviour of thermally-induced restoration effect in gamma-irradiated Ge23.5Sb11.8S64.7 glass

A. Kozdras, R. Golovchak, Cz. Gorecki, V. Boyko, M. Vakiv.

Archives of Materials Science, vol. 27, No. 4, 2006, p. 159-165.


Temperature dependence of optical transmission in fundamental optical absorption edge region is studied for typical representative of stoichiometric Sb2S3-GeS2 glasses. It is shown that this temperature behavior changes after Co60 γ-irradiation. The observed effect is associated with Ge-S into S-S covalent bonds switching accompanied by coordination defects formation processes. This radiation-induced optical effect is fully reversible and could be erased by the annealing of the samples below glass transition temperature.


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