Atomistic model of physical ageing in Se-rich As–Se glasses

R. Golovchak, O. Shpotyuk, A. Kozdras, B. Bureau, M. Vlcek, A. Ganjoo and H. Jain.

Philosophical Magazine, vol. 87, No. 28, 2007, p. 4323–4334.


Thermal, optical, X-ray excited and magnetic methods were used to develop a microstructural model of physical ageing in Se-rich glasses. The glass composition As10Se90, possessing a typical cross-linked chain structure, was chosen as a model object for the investigations. The effect of physical ageing in this glass was revealed by differential scanning calorimetry, whereas the corresponding changes in its atomic arrangement were studied by extended X-ray absorption fine structure, Raman and solid-state 77Se nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Straightening–shrinkage processes are shown to be responsible for the physical ageing in this Se-rich As–Se glass.


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