Atomic- and void-species nanostructures in chalcogenide glasses modified by high-energy γ-irradiation

T. Kavetskyy, O. Shpotyuk, I. Kaban, W. Hoyer.

Journal of optoelectronics and advanced materials, vol. 9, No. 10, 2007, p. 3247-3252.


Atomic- and void-species nanostructures are studied in As2S3 glass in unmodified and γ-modified states using a combination of conventional X-ray diffraction in respect to the first sharp diffraction peak, synchrotron-based high-energy Xray diffraction and extended X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy. The experimental data are analyzed taking into account radiation-induced changes in the parameters of the first sharp diffraction peak (position, full width at half maximum, intensity), packing factor, structural disordering, atomic and void topology, coordination number and mean square deviation in bond length. The origin of the structural modification effect induced by γ-irradiation is explained in terms of coordination topological defects model.


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